Caroling for a Cause

by Abigail H., DTS student

“You do the possible and God will do the impossible” is a handy little phrase we learned during our first phase here at DTS, and it’s something that I imagine I’ll practice a lot in life!

As outreach was approaching fast, my India team took a time together to pray regarding our finances. Each of us asked God what we could do over Christmas break to help raise some final funds. I still needed a couple hundred dollars for my travel expenses. I had raised a lot of support through family and friends and I wasn’t sure if I could raise anymore.

But God always has much better plans and ideas than I do!

While we prayed, I kept thinking of the phrase “Caroling for a Cause.” I just knew it was from God because I would never, on my own accord, want to go door to door asking for money. But I knew I had to.

Back home on Christmas break, I gathered a few of my lovely friends to help me sing. I typed up a flyer that said what we were going to do in India and Nepal, and I bundled up to head out into the cold, dark night.

One hour and twenty houses later, our toes were numb and our voices were gone. Finally in the warmth of my home, my friends and I counted the money people had stuck in our donation box.

It totaled $250! God really provided the last bit of money to fund my trip!

It was an incredible experience–I did the possible of going out and talking about my trip with strangers and God moved on their hearts to give, and that’s how He provided!

Thank you God!