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The Smile I Will Never Forget

We worked with a lot of kids on our DTS outreach to Costa Rica. I met some of these kids in orphanages and slums, others in churches and schools. But no matter where I met them, their precious faces linger in my mind long after we said our goodbyes. I still remember the first kids we met. A group of …

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The Gift Of A Listening Ear

It was a hot day in Constanța, Romania. Our DTS team was surrounded by protestors advocating for bike lanes in “Old Town.” But we weren’t interested in protesting. We wanted to share God’s love with people. “I have an idea,” my teammate, Summer said. “Why don’t we ask people to tell us what they love about their city?” “Great idea!” …

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Children’s Ministry Melts a Father’s Heart

Our kids’ Bible study was drawing to a close. My two teammates and I had thoroughly enjoyed teaching and interacting with the kids. Yet we did not expect what happened at the end. Our translator approached us with one of the student’s parents. “This man was sitting in the back while you taught,” the translator said. “He’s not a believer. …

ywam dts youth with a mission madison discipleship training school outreach to costa rica

Putting Faith Into Action

Although I know I should be sleeping, I’m wide awake! It had been an exhausting 24 hours as I said goodbye to classmates who went on other outreaches and boarded this plane for Costa Rica. Still, my mind won’t shut down. It races through all the firsts for our team — first outreach from our base to Costa Rica, first flight …

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My Little Light: Did My Mission Trip Really Make a Difference?

My teammates and I boarded our flight to Mexico for a Spring Break mission trip. We had prayed many times for this trip and felt that even though it was only a week long, it was going to be “oh so sweet”. I’d never been on a mission trip this short and I wondered — How much impact could a …

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3 Things I Didn’t Expect at my YWAM DTS

I came to Discipleship Training School in Madison expecting a very special 6 months with Jesus. But it surpassed my expectations. I got the great teaching, discipleship and guidance that I knew would be a part of my experience. But these three things really surprised me: Coming into DTS, I expected to have “camp food” on a daily basis. You …

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Sending Your Child Into Missions: A Letter from a Parent

The shortened definition of a missionary is sent one. It describes a believer in Jesus who is going outside of their comfort zone, their familiarity, to a place that doesn’t know God’s love. My husband and I have been in missions more years than I lived under my parents’ roof.

Now, here we are with the first of our eight children graduating high school and moving on to her next phase in life. I naively thought that sending her out on her own would be easier for me than other parents. Yeah, right!

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7 Questions Every High School Senior Should Ask

If you’re anything like me, figuring out the future can be scary. After high school, I felt like there were a million options and it was impossible to predict how they would turn out. I was overwhelmed by all the choices and the responsibility to define the rest of my life as a 17 year old. It felt like I …