Our Response to the Coronavirus

Dear friends, In these times of uncertainty, one thing remains: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, it is new every morning, Great is His faithfulness! We have all been impacted by the concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic.  There are many changes that have been necessary, including the closing of schools across many nations, including our own nation.  We are …

7 day joy challenge ywam madison

Joy Like A Mountain: The 7 Day Joy Challenge

Joy has never come naturally to me. As someone who has struggled with severe mental health challenges since early adolescence, I tend to see joy like it’s this enormous mountain that people like me, try as we might, never really figure out how to climb. I mean, it seems glorious for those special people who are able to reach the …

walk with me in darkness youth with a mission ywam madison

Walk With Me … In the Darkness

The Christian life is often portrayed as “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” But sometimes that description just doesn’t match reality. Sometimes, life hurts. It isn’t that pastors and evangelists have purposely sought to deceive people by presenting Christianity in such a positive light. After all, it is the “Good News” that we proclaim. However, this rose-colored view of life …

Hearing God's Voice whisper YWAM Madison DTS Youth With a mission discipleship training school

The God Who Whispers

One of my favorite toys as a kid was this retro little phone. It was the one you pull around on a string and when you called on it you heard this cute prerecorded message. Now this is kinda how I viewed talking with God for most of my childhood and into my teen years. I believed you just somehow …

Shoes from a Stranger and a Life Forever Changed

This was not at all what we expected. We were supposed to be ministering at an orphanage. But when those plans fell through, we found ourselves on the streets of Morelia, inviting the homeless to join us for hot chocolate, bread, and our street performance. Rachel and I walked up to an older lady. Our simple “hola” seemed to open …

ywam end bible poverty now bible tranlsation unreached people groups

It’s Time to End Bible Poverty: You Can Help Translate the Bible for Unreached People Groups!

Did you know that we live in a world of 7,111 different languages, 1,879 of which do not have any written texts from the Bible. And these 1,879 languages represent 1.5 billion people who have no portion of the Bible in their language. That’s roughly the population of the entire continent of Africa!

Can you imagine if every missionary had a Bible in their hands that was translated into the language of the unreached people group they are called to? Can you imagine if missionaries like us were able to invest in training, encouraging, sending, promoting, supporting and loving young people who could take their inheritance in the advance of the Kingdom of God, by taking part in translation projects around the world into these last chapters of history?