Missionary with Creel people

Being the tangible love of Christ

by Jordan, DTS student

We had just finished yet another wonderful day at the drop in center, when Florence (one of the staff) asked me if I’d like to accompany her on her regular hospital visit. She said we would be praying for people who had tuberculosis and HIV. I excitedly accepted and prepared my things to leave.

We picked up some nurses at the hospital, and to my surprise, kept going. (Language barrier strikes again!) I wondered what would come next as we rode higher into the mountains.

The view was breathtaking: lush forest and majestic mountains rose before my eyes. I could smell a mixture of tropical fruit and food cooking in the homes and markets around. The warm air was soft against my face. Behind us, the dirt road created clouds of dust as the vehicle sped up the mountain.

We stopped abruptly at the top of the village, where all I could see were colorful tin roofs. I had the sense from the Holy Spirit that this was a significant moment, and that I would learn about being the tangible love of Christ–that it was more important than words.

We walked down the hill to a small hut and knocked at the door. A man came out who was partially blind and had tuberculosis. The nurses gave him the medicine, then asked if I had anything to say.

I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit, so I shared about the love of Christ with this man. His whole demeanor changed! We laid hands on his eyes and prayed for healing to his body and peace into his life. The image of his smile and brightened expression is imprinted on my heart!

Florence and I then rode to an even smaller hut. I noticed was how dark it was inside. In the darkness, I saw a woman sitting on the ground separating the seeds from a fruit she called “the sweet fruit.”

“This woman is completely blind,” Florence had told me. “She and her and her husband are living with HIV. They have a 7-year-old daughter who tested negative.”

I introduced myself to the woman and we began to talk. I asked her questions about her life and her dreams. She told me she had been fully blind for about a year, and though the doctors had said there was no chance for her to be healed, she said she had full faith in the healing power of Jesus. I was honored to be in the presence of such a faithful woman of God.

We prayed for healing for her eyes. I shared that we must keep believing that God is good and He can make beauty from ashes. As Florence took me back to our home, I silently praised God for choosing me to be his hugs and laughs and friends to these people.

He loved a broken man and woman through me and I am filled with thankfulness and awe.