Becky Farneth

After attending the Fall 2014 Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Madison, I returned in 2015 to staff the DTS. I enjoy discipling students, journeying with them as they are learning and communicating with God, and being able to encourage them through the process. They learn so much about the nature and character of God and who God created them to be as they prepare to live their lives sharing the good news of Jesus. During times I am not working with a DTS, I partner with other ministries at YWAM Madison. This may include support staff for schools that are running, garden ministry, campus ministry for the University of Wisc., office work, etc.

YWAM Madison has a big vision to grow in ministry. Locally, we are increasing our presence on the University of Wisconsin campus downtown, mentoring students from the elementary and middle school next door, and building relationships with our neighbors through our garden. Internationally, we send teams to nearly every continent, partnering with others to share the Gospel.

God’s Holy Spirit is moving and the Gospel is spreading through new and creative ways. Please pray about joining my ministry as I work with YWAM Madison! I share about what I am doing in my Facebook group at send out email newsletters. If you would like to join my support team or have any questions, you can contact me at [email protected].