missionaries and new believers in Uganda

Beautiful feet in Uganda

“Are you offended to talk with prostitutes?” asked the local pastor who was leading our group in door-to-door evangelism.

It took me a moment to realize he was asking a serious question. The three of us responded simultaneously, a chorus of “no” and “of course not.”

“Here is a bar,” he continued.

I smiled at Sam and the two others with me. “Okay.”

We walked in. At the other houses, the team leader had been solely sharing. As we left the previous house, she encouraged the two of us with her to think about sharing at the next home. Now, here we were at the bar.

Laura and I looked at each other, expectation in both our eyes. She began to tell the story of the Israelites in exile. She continued, telling about Jesus, his sacrifice and shared how He cares so much about His people no matter their situation. She continued with Jesus’ desire to be a friend and help to all.

As she was speaking, I noticed one man seemingly ready to jump out of his seat. As Laura continued to talk, the man next to him began to fidget. It was not in agitation, but rather he wanted to know about this Jesus right then and there.

While Laura spoke, I felt the words on my heart begin to stir. I had to share! I remember thinking one thing, but as the words came out of my mouth they were not what I had thought. Later, I found out that some of our team was outside praying my words would not be my own, but God’s – and how truly they were from him.

After I finished, we asked if anyone wanted to be friends with God. Friends that knew they could not stay in the bar day after day, but friends who would change and serve the one true Lord. Four of the six in the room said they wanted to!

Pastor Sam began speaking to them in Lugandan (the local language) and made sure this was something they truly wanted. The four prayed, confessed their sins and we all rejoiced.

As we walked home, I could not help but look at my feet. I had heard a rumor that the dirt in Uganda stained one’s feet red, and I could already see it is true. Then I felt the Spirit of God whisper to my soul, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”