Art Therapy for Trafficking Victims

by Ben V., DTS student, Moldova

YWAM outreach Moldova - Art Studio

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For hundreds of years, art has been a way to visually reproduce the expressions of the soul. This can be in painting, in sculpting, in music, or other artistic expressions.

The Psychological Art Studio in Chisinau, Moldova provides an outlet for rescued trafficking victims to release the things that trouble their spirits. This technique is called art therapy, a combination of artistic expression and psychological therapy. Some of the most beautiful and most soul-captivating art I’ve ever seen hangs on the walls of the PAS.

This art studio is only one facet of Beginning of Life’s rehab program for rescued women. As an extension of the art studio, the PAS has a gift store of handmade crafts, which provide the women with a means to make some honest money.

You can visit the Beginning of Life website at