Arrival Info

Congratulations on being accepted to our upcoming DTS! There’s just a bit more basic info we need to have about you before you before you arrive. Please fill out this form as soon as possible, so that we can better prepare for your arrival! (If we don’t receive this form from you up to 1 week before the school starts, we will reach out and send a reminder). Thank you! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Insurance Information

We need to have your basic medical insurance information in case of an emergency.

Personal Health History

We gathered some basic health info about you in your application, but now we need more details so we know how best to serve you while you are with us.
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For women only:

Emergency Contact Info

Who should we contact in case of an emergency?
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Passport Info

Whether you’re from the U.S. or another nation, we need to have your passport info on file for when we go on outreach.
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