Applied Biblical Studies for Christian Formation

Applied Biblical Studies for Christian Formation (ABS)

Engaging the New Testament to live like Jesus

How do people grow to relate and live like Jesus? In our Applied Biblical Studies (ABS) course, we seek to address this question through the exploration of the New Testament narratives and letters. Using the foundational knowledge of the New Testament that you have from your prior UofN Bible school, you will have a chance to further apply the words of Jesus and Paul to your own personal formation, and the formation of those you disciple.


What to expect

You will grow as a disciple of Christ, as well as learn valuable practices for discipling others. Expect to explore the New Testament through the lens of questions such as, “How do people grow to relate and live like Jesus?”, and, “How do we help others to develop in Christ-likeness?”


Dates TBD

How much

$1850 per module

Tuition covers the cost of meals, lodging, guest speakers, and books.

Study in 6 Week Modules

ABS I: Jesus and His Disciples

In this module, we will spend 6 weeks exploring the Gospels and the beginning of Acts. In the first week we will cover a variety of topics, including introduction to Christian Formation, interpreting New Testament narratives for use in discipleship, the New Testament’s use of the Hebrew Scriptures, and more. After this, we will spend a full week on each of the Gospels, as well as a week on Acts 1-12. Each week, we will examine the themes and lessons of each book, seeking to make application for our continued discipleship directly from the narratives themselves.

ABS II: Paul and the New Testament Churches

In this module, we will dive deep into the writings of the Apostle Paul, the church’s first missionary to the Gentiles, and the most prolific New Testament author. After a week of introduction – how to interpret New Testament letters, examining the historical background of the texts, and learning about Paul’s life and background – the following 5 weeks will be about examining the letters of Paul to discover the themes and imagery of the New Testament church that inform us as to how we should live as Christ-followers today. We will see how Paul pastored the churches he planted, how he labored to explain the new Christ-centered identity of the young church, and how he overcame challenges to their continued discipleship.

Pre-RequisitesSuccessful completion of DTS and DTS outreach; completion of a UofN 200s-level Bible course (such as BSN, BCC, SBS, and DBS). Either ABS I or ABS II can be done first. ABS I is not a prerequisite for ABS II.

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