And They’re Off!

The BSN outreach teams are on their way to bring truth to the nations.

One team is en route to a closed nation in Asia, where they will teach Christians who have had little Biblical training. They’ll encourage missionaries who are there and also help in evangelism.

The second team is preparing to go to New England, to work with a Bhutanese pastor among Bhutanese refugees who have resettled in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. They are an ethnic minority group who were forced to leave their nation. Eventually, 60,000 Bhutanese will resettle in the US and thousands more in other Western nations. The United Nations says that this is one of the world’s largest resettling efforts. Bhutan is closed to Christianity and the underground church there lacks Christian teaching. This is a unique opportunity to show the Bhutanese God’s love.

Both teams will post stories and photos on this blog as they’re able. Bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS feed to get the most recent updates