All he wanted was a chance to smile with us.

by Breana, Children at Risk DTS student

Cat & Breana promote VBS - YWAM Madison Houston outreach

Cat & Breana get some help passing out flyers for VBS

My friends and I walked around the neighborhood for a few hours, passing out flyers to promote our Vacation Bible School. The kids we met were so excited to come! I love how encouraging kids are with their open excitement and acceptance.

The kids we met loved having their pictures taken by my friend, Cat. Just as we were leaving, a boy ran up to us.

“Hey, take one of me!” he said. Then he introduced himself to us.

“Hi, Michael,” I said.

“No. Marco!” he corrected me.

Ooops. I felt bad for hearing the wrong name. “Marco, hmm, do a lot of people call you Marco Polo?”

“Yes,” Marco giggled.

Ben, Breana, and Marco - YWAM Madison Houston Outreach

Ben, Breana, and their new friend, Marco

Ben, Marco, and I said cheese for the picture and then Marco ran off to join his friends.

I realized at that point how much I keep learning from these kids. Marco had been bold and courageous. He put himself out there, not afraid of being turned away. He allowed himself to get close to people and to be happy around them for even just a short time. All he wanted was a photo, a chance to smile with us.

This is my prayer for this outreach:
God, please continue to open up my heart and mind to learn from these children. Many of them have been hurt and broken. Help me to show how deeply you love and care about us. Help me to be as bold and courageous as Marco, to put myself out there, to love without limits. Amen.