Aliya E

I am originally from Ethiopia, in East Africa. I was adopted six years ago at the age of fourteen by my family in America. When I got to America, I knew God existed but I didn’t know him personally. My childhood in Ethiopia was very difficult and I blamed everything that happened to me on God. After five years in America, trying to live life and only depending on my self, I realized I needed to make change. My mom suggested YWAM. Without me even knowing it, God had a plan for my life. I wasn’t even thinking about the Christian aspect of YWAM but instead I was just thinking about the adventure that I was going to have.

In YWAM, I thought the lecture phase would be training for outreach but it was so much more.  I learned how important it is to have a relationship with God. Another big thing for me is could see how God played an important role in my past and how I could heal from all that I had gone through. I had always thought God was the big man upstairs and that I had to be perfect to come to Him. But I learned that God loves all of us in spite of our mistakes and we don’t need to have it all together for Him to accept us.

Nine of us headed to south Asia for our outreach. That was where God showed me his heart for his people. He also changed my perspective on my past. I realized by telling my testimony, other people could identify with my life. I had been where they are so I can point them to Christ, who healed me.

I am so excited to see where God takes me as I serve him and the people he loves deeply.