Afraid of the Dark?

by Lucy, BSN student

It was Tuesday and I was on my way back from local outreach. My team went to Peace Park in downtown Madison, where we served dinners to the homeless who gathered there. I looked forward to it every week. I love talking to people and showing them God's love.

But that Tuesday, as I drove back with my other Discipleship Training School classmates, I was frustrated. I felt like a dishonest hypocrite. 

I tried talking to one of the guys there about what God was teaching me in the DTS. I had been so excited to discover that God wants to be personal with me — and with everyone. I tried to explain myself to him, but found that I couldn't. I couldn't answer any of this man's questions–and he asked a lot of deep questions.

What kind of Christian am I? I wondered. I can't even explain to someone else what Christianity is all about.

A couple weeks later, one of our sessions was about how to read and study the Bible. My curiosity was I went to a graduation ceremony for YWAM's Bible School for the Nations. The students talked about all they had learned about God  and the Bible — for themselves, by understanding how to study and learn from the  Bible . I wanted to know God more, and in a way that I could explain Him to others.

Now, a few months after completing the DTS and going to Asia on outreach, I am a student in the Bible School for the Nations. It has only been a week, but I'm so excited for what I'm learning.

For years, I’ve been frustrated whenever I try to study the Bible. I felt like I was wandering in the dark, believing something but not knowing why. But this week, it has finally hit home for me: God is understandable. Because He's personal, He wants us to know Him and understand Him! 

I'm excited to keep learning. I know God didn't leave me to grope in the dark for hidden answers about Himself. It's right there in His Word…and I'm ready to learn!