Adventures in teaching English


DTS outreach is always an adventure with such a variety of things to do that show the love of God in different ways.

One of those adventures went a bit like this:

For three days, we partnered with a team from the University of Missouri to teach English to elementary students in Thailand. We divided into different stations to teach the kids about different topics, like science, math, food, and clothes. Some of us even got to work alongside Burmese and Chinese teachers.

We met so many children interested in learning different languages and learned a lot about having fun with kids while teaching them through games and songs. It was surprising to see how well the youngest kids who hadn’t learned much English at all yet!

Our goal was to show through our smiles, our love, and our teamwork what the Kingdom of God is like. At the end of our three days, we were encouraged to hear that we had indeed been a blessing to the other teachers!