working with kids in Uganda

Adventure in the special needs home in Jinja, Uganda

by Christina K., DTS student

The bota bota is typical public transportation in Jinja, Uganda. Photo by Chelsea Burks.The bota-botas sped through Jinja, swerving around cars and vans and bicyclists. Then a bus (more like a large van) brought us the rest of the way out of the city and into a rural area. We would spend the morning at a special needs home, surrounded by lush trees, tall grasses, and fragrant flowers. Even in the early morning, the sun blazed overhead.


We were welcomed in to the home right away by thirty friendly, loving children. Those who could walk hugged us tight. The ones who could speak sang and talked with us.

Our hosts helped us lead a school lesson. The children recited the ABC’s, read books, sang songs, and played games. The kids did really well. I was impressed!

After our lessons, we took a walk. Tony, one of the boys in the home, helped me push his friend in a wheelchair. (Tony had so much love!) Half an hour later, we went inside. It was lunchtime for the kids and time for us to say goodbye and head home.

Those thirty kids were so special. I saw how each had their own personality and talents. I’m so thankful that we could spend time with such amazing kids.

Even the people who work there gave their time and energy to be a help. They invited us into their home and shared their morning with us.

What a wonderful day with wonderful people! God reminded me of how much He loves all of them!

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed.” – Isaiah 54:10