Abby Combs

When I graduated from the Discipleship Training School in 2016, I knew I would soon return. I felt a calling in my heart to pursue missions. After a lot of thought and prayer, I decided on beginning my journey at YWAM Madison.

I am so excited to work with people who are passionate about new ideas and global missions. My long term goal is to eventually be commissioned to the Middle East. My heart is longing for change in the Arab countries. My mission is to bring hope and also bring a lasting change to people who are hurting.

I am a follower of Jesus and his heart. Please consider being a part of my journey and supporting me financially and with prayer.

Acts 13:47 (MSG) “…following orders, doing what God commanded when he said, I’ve set you up as light to all the nations. You’ll proclaim salvation to the four winds and seven seas!”