photo of aaron-kathryn-harvey

Aaron & Kathryn

Aaron attended his Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Madison in the Fall of 2017. Kathryn attended her DTS in January 2003.

Aaron has always had a heart for protecting those that were vulnerable and could not protect themselves. Some years before he did his DTS, he spent time traveling the U.S. and training in Muay Thai, which he considers to be the most effective and practical martial art for self-defense and defense of others on the street. While on a trip to Thailand for additional training, his eyes were opened to the human trafficking and corruption slowly devouring the heart of Thai culture. During his DTS, he returned to Thailand on his outreach and gained greater perspective and more understanding of the needs there. Aaron now has a huge heart for the Thai people and a strong desire to help them understand the value and worth of their families, and so they will in turn fight against corruption and reclaim their culture and their future.

Kathryn returned to the workforce after her DTS, but she continued to feel drawn to countries outside of the United States. She has always had a heart for children in the foster system. She developed a heart for people that were trapped in abusive relationships, as well as a passion for women knowing how to defend themselves. This interest in self-defense is reflected in her own life, as she trained in a variety of practical self-defense methods, including Muay Thai (a martial art from Thailand commonly known as Thai boxing). Over the years, she also learned how to interact and network with the homeless, local and federal law enforcement, businesses, social services, and the legal system. 

Aaron committed to two years with YWAM Madison beginning in August 2019, with Kathryn joining him in his commitment. Aaron staffed in the Fall 2019 DTS. Aaron and Kathryn feel that their time in Madison is to train and prepare them for long-term missions overseas by helping them grow in areas of mentoring, communication, networking, and discipleship training.

Aaron and Kathryn are drawn towards broken families and people that are at their most vulnerable. They also want to seek and call out the potential in people to help them initiate change and impact their own communities. Aaron and Kathryn also feel that it is vital for them to build relationships and work with people and organizations already in place, and help those organizations work together with others that are attempting to make a difference in the same area.