A Wave is Rising In Asia

Asia YWAM DTS City Wall

By Dominic

I plunked down in a gap in the wall and took in my surroundings. This ancient wall cut through the heart of the city. Gilded pagodas rose above the wall, stretching their spires heavenward. Down below, the streets teemed with people. The vast gap between the rich and the poor stood out clearly from up here. Even the walkway atop the wall was not free from this divide.

I watched several people shuffle past an old man, averting their eyes. He never looked up. He just kept on sweeping his pile of leaves and dirt into a dustbin. And suddenly, I was overwhelmed with compassion for him. He was precious, whether or not anyone else acknowledged it. Asia YWAM DTS Street SweeperAnd the busy people rushing past him were precious too.

I glanced around at my teammates who stood nearby in small groups praying for the city. How was it that we felt so confident? We should have felt like ants in this city of 9 million. Instead, we knew that God would do great things through us. Despite the government’s oppression, the underground church of this Asian country is burgeoning. Many of these precious people were falling deeply in love with God and were anxious go on His behalf into the nations. A wave is rising. Who can stop it?