A Modern Psalm

In the School of the Bible, students learned about Hebrew poetry as they studied the Psalms. At the end of the week, the students all wrote their own poetry. This poem is by Abe.


To my God, the listener, the speaker, and the expresser

For me, poetry was very girly,
That I avoided to look more manly.

You spoke their language;
You sang over them like an opera on a quiet stage.

But you brought more than just the beauty,
You revealed Your heart through poetry.

It is like a treasure,
That I’m anxiously seeking without measure.

Sometimes poetry is so hard to grasp,
Many times, I just forget to ask.

Poetry is not so easy,
But I’m grateful that there is not a set answer that I’ll become lazy.

So I want to thank you,
That I don’t have to go through poetry like a list of queue.

I asked, “God, I want to know you more.”
And You answered, “I want to show you more.”

It is like watching an exhilarating TV series and not a boring news.
I want to know you more as your story continues.