A gift from an orphan

by Tim, University DTS student

red balloonJoshua’s eyes lit up as I blew up the bright balloon. When I handed it to him, his face glowed with joy. He could finally join the other kids at the orphanage who had been throwing balls back and forth!

Joshua is unable to play with the other children because a muscle  disorder keeps him confined to a wheelchair. Before coming to the orphanage, he had been left outside on a cold day by his foster family. His feet became so frostbitten that the caretakers at the orphanage feared part of his foot would be amputated. They prayed for him and God miraculously healed his feet!

Because the balloon was light, he had the strength to play catch with me. He tossed the balloon, and I chased it all over the room, leaping and spinning and falling dramatically to the floor. He crowed with delighted laughter, some of the most joyful I’ve ever heard.

I’ll never forget the experience of showing Joshua the love and attention of our Father God. I gave him a gift that day, but he gave me one as well.