Donuts, Fish, and a Social Worker

It was a sunny April morning in Madison, Wisconsin when Phos House residents gathered to learn about evangelism. The aroma of coffee filled the room, donuts sat heavily in their bellies, and the residents settled in to learn. After sitting under the tutelage of David Holmbeck the students gathered in pairs to pray for direction as they took to the streets. Here is a story about one conversation they had.

Students praying for a woman

OUT ON THE STREETS – A testimony from Patience, a Phos house & YWAM Madison staff:
“Before we went out to talk to people about the best thing that has happened in our lives, Jessica and I prayed. In prayer Jessica thought of the word “fish”. So with that little information we  headed out to a local park, practicing along the way how we could share our story with others.  Once we got there we felt super awkward so we prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give us courage as we planned to talk to people. I suddenly stood up and felt like God was leading us to g
o talk to a group of friends OR to this mother with her little kids. Jessica decided that we should talk with the mother and her children. As soon as we rounded the corner a big waft of fish smell hit us! We looked at each other and knew that God wanted us to talk to this woman.

We sat down next to her and started asking her questions about herself and her family. She asked us questions as well. Later on in the conversation we found out that she was a believer too! She shared that she works as a social worker here in Madison. We began to discuss how she could bring her faith into her workplace. She said that she was unable to talk about her faith in her job because of different laws put in place. I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to keep talking about her work and how Christians carry God’s kingdom wherever they go. I encouraged her that she plays an important, significant role in our world.  She said she had never thought about that before. It was such a sweet encounter. We prayed for her and hope we could meet her again someday.”

Jessica – Phos resident

Patience – Phos staff & resident











By Patience, YWAM Madison staff living & working at the Phos House.

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