A Day in Our Life at the Children’s Home

by Rynn and Paul

Today we got our schedule for what we will be doing for the next ten days. Each day, we will divide into two teams who will alternate daily between serving as the morning or afternoon crew.

Morning Crew
The morning crew wakes up early to rouse the children by 6 AM.

They help get them dressed, fed and out the door for school by 7:30. Then they spend several hours cleaning the orphanage. There is so much work to do. I can hardly believe the staff keep this up every day.

At eleven, both crews attend the worship and prayer time for the staff and one of our team members gives a devotional.

Then it’s time for lunch followed by our team meeting at 1, afternoon quiet time and an hour of cleaning our sleeping facilities (a couple blocks from the children’s home).

Evening Crew
The evening crew kicks off with breakfast at 8, morning quiet times and a meeting to plan what they will do for that afternoon’s activities.

After attending the staff worship time, lunch and team meeting, they begin their real work at 2:30. They prepare snacks for the kids, tutor their study time, play with them or do a craft for activity time, and lead the children’s evening worship and devotional time.

After eating dinner with the kids, they clean the dishes, then put the kids to bed by reading them a story and praying with them.