YWAM missionaries connect with the community

6 Ways for Missionaries to Connect to Their New Community

by Abbie Fox

Last week, I packed my bags and moved to Madison, Wisconsin to join the staff team. Along with the other seven new staff, I’ve spent my first two weeks here in Connect—a two week staff training intended to connect our YWAM community across generations and our three locations in Madison. It’s amazing how quickly this time has flown by! But, I already feel so welcomed and a part of the family! Here’s how:

Share about Your Life

We spent several days preparing a creative “Pour Yourself Out” project to share our strengths, passions, interests, and dreams with the rest of the staff.


We did various service projects at our 3 locations. By investing time to make each location more beautiful, they each feel more like home to me now.

Learn from Locals

I learned more about the history of YWAM and all of the ministries here from people who have lived here a long time. I also learned so much about the history of Madison and the UW campus.

Go for a Prayer walk

I spent time walking through the city, exploring new sites and praying for God to bless Madison. While out on a prayer walk, I met a stranger and helped her move into her apartment.

Spend Time in the Heart of the City

I spent two nights at the Phos House—a YWAM Christian community house for students attending the University of Wisconsin. The Phos house is on frat row at the university and just a short walk from State Street and the capitol. It’s definitely the heart of the city! I learned a ton about campus ministry and the significance of reaching students in this key season of life.

Have Fun with New Friends

We had an improv night. We went to other staff members’ houses to eat with them. We also played games and laughed a lot. One night, we went downtown to have dinner on the terrace overlooking Madison’s beautiful lakes.

YWAM Madison Wisconsin Connect the view from the terrace

The view from Monona Terrace in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

I’ve learned so much this week! I’ve discovered that there are a lot of people right here in Madison who need Jesus. I don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to do missions. I can reach the nations right here in my new back yard. There are people from over 100 nations right here in Madison!

I’ve also learned more about what my life will look like as staff. Life will be busy—but God is showing me how to pour myself out and fill back up with Him. I’m learning to balance my schedule, identify priorities, cultivate gratitude, give generously, and do all my work for Jesus!