DTS going to freakiest

1000 Students Served at FreakFest 2010

 “Freak Fest” is Madison’s annual Halloween bash that draws at least 30,000 people to State Street. The party has a reputation for crazy costumes, live bands, and drunk college students.

Thousands of partiers walk right past YWAM Madison’s house on the UW campus on their way between parties and home. We’re in the perfect location to show love to these students. So since 2005, we have been providing hot chocolate and a listening ear to students.

Free Hot Dogs at Freakfest 2010

We served 775 hot dogs at FreakFest 2010.

This year, with the help of 60 volunteers from YWAM and 8 other churches and non-profits, we gave out 775 hot dogs and 900 cups of hot chocolate to nearly 1000 students. Thanks to an awesome sale at Old Navy, we purchased 100 flip flops to give to girls who lost their high heels during the night’s events.

Every year, we hear the same question: “Why are you doing this?” “Why is this free?” “Weren’t you doing this last year, too?”

And the answer is always the same. “We’re doing this because Jesus loves you.”

Sometimes, this answer was the last thing the person wanted to hear. Our volunteers were ridiculed for serving others and serving Jesus. But other times, hearing that Jesus loves them was more satisfying and comforting than that cup of hot chocolate on the cold October night.

FreakFest 2010 prayer

YWAMer Paul prays with a party goer at FreakFest 2010.

“I don’t need more beer,” one student said. “I need God. I’m lost and I need help.”

Our volunteers prayed with students as some gave their lives to God. Others made new acquaintances and friendships. We pray that FreakFest will be just the beginning of many students’ journeys to know the God who loves them and welcomes them with open arms.

Thank you to those who donated and to the volunteers who came out to make the night a success. Watch for next year’s FreakFest outreach to see how you can play a part!