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You see things that break your heart — refugees, kids living on the streets, people who’ve never experienced God’s love. You want to change the world. And you know that change begins with you. Come experience our vibrant missions community. Encounter Jesus in deeply personal ways, make incredible friends, and travel to beautiful locations, all while investing in a movement that truly is helping the hurting and the lost.

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Discover your place in the Great Commission and embark on a lifetime adventure with God. YWAM DTS includes specialized training like children at risk, human trafficking, arts, refugee ministry, leadership development and more.
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Experience a university like no other. Powerful lessons in unconventional classrooms. Explore the richness of God’s word and God’s world. Develop your skills and cultivate a lifestyle of learning to change the world. Tell me more…


  • Our Yahara Gardens Fall Fest is coming SOON. Mark your calendars for October 24, 4-7pm. Festivities include FREE carnival games, LIVE entertainment, prizes and a costume contest. We'll also feature stands from local partners such as Ethical Trading Company, Resolution Therapeutic Massage, and a Horticulture education table. . JOIN THE PARTY: 4802 Dakota Dr. Madison, WI . . . . . #ywam #ywammadison #yaharagardens #community #festival #fun #fall #carnival #music #party #food #gardening #massage #fairtrade #ethicaltradingcompany #costumes #costumecontest #halloween #autumn #fallfestival #fallfest
  • Street church was powerful last night! 🔥 🙌🏻 Our DTS team shared testimonies and a message and many came forward for prayer. They also helped drywall/mud/paint a couple houses in Houston devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Please continue to pray for the many affected throughout the Gulf and Caribbean by the hurricanes.
  • For the first time in YWAM history, we have a ship that can transport containers. And soon, it will mobilize from the South Pacific all the way to the Caribbean to help with disaster relief. The YWAM Liberty has a massive cargo hold, dental clinic, and even a helicopter flight deck. Shipping containers can be outfitted to not only carry much needed supplies, but even become school classrooms, medical clinics, or much more. What would you put inside a container to bring God's hope to the isolated? . . . . . . #ywam #ywammadison #ywamships #ship #container #shippingcontainers #hurricaneharvey #hurricaneirma #irma #harvey #disasterrelief #earthquake #islands #caribbean #ships #mercy #love #disasterrelief #god #jesus
  • Our summer DTS is headed to Houston to help with disaster relief. Along the way, they stopped for gas and met Greg. He asked Heather what our team was doing and where we were headed. After he heard our story, he was so thankful that a team of 7 girls would drive all the way to Houston to help. . "I want to help too," he said. "Take this to help the people of Houston!" And he slid $200 into Heather's hand. . . . . . . . #PrayForHouston #Harvey #HurricaneHarvey #PrayforTexas #ywam #ywammadison #hope #youthwithamission #mercy #disasterrelief #God #help #harveyrelief #pray #hurricanerelief
  • Next week, hundreds of YWAMers from across the globe will attend the University of the Nations' biennial workshop in Costa Rica. Please pray for this gathering — for key networking connections, for strategies to help the poor, the orphan and the refugee (our focus at this year's gathering), and for God's sweet presence to be with us.
  • This weekend, we welcomed international students to the University of Wisconsin through the annual Tour of Madison. Our staff were tour guides driving students around town before hosting them in our homes for a meal. #ValueHospitality
  • We went old school with our DTS relationships week -- Dean Sherman Relationships tapes from 1996. #Classic . PC @chelstotheworld
  • 15 year old boy. Been on the streets since he can remember; too young to work, no family, living all alone. Eats what's passed his way. A kid. Gentle in spirit. Sits down to talk with us, tells us his story, smiles a puzzled half-grin when we invite him to play "Ninja", allows us to pray for him. A picture of lost childhood & of innocence, of injustice & of softheartedness, of abandonment & of acceptance. He had asked for food; we gave him chips & asked his story. Loving people can be hard. It can also be beautifully simple. And always, always, always, it's worth it. [by Keisha from DTS outreach to Costa Rica] . . . . . . #ywam #ywammadison#ywamdts #outreach #missions #missionary #ministry #ywamoutreach#ywammissiontrip #missiontrip #mission #evangelism #costarica #dts #prayer #dts #streetkid #homeless #games #ninja #hope #food #water #care #mercy #jesus #god #holyspirit
  • #TBT to when a few of our DTS girls decided to go to the state capitol. While they rode the elevator upstairs, a man asked them what they were doing downtown on such a cold day. "Praying for people & sharing about Jesus," they said. The man made some off-handed comment about how they should pray for him as the elevator dinged. He then walked off and disappeared around the corner. Intrigued, the three girls followed him and were welcomed into his office. He offered them water, soda or beer, then asked them to pray for every member of his staff, then for himself. After praying, Kari encouraged him with some of the things God put on her heart and how deeply Jesus loves him. The man's face was so surprised. So were we when we found out he was one of our state representatives!
  • Zip line through the Nicaraguan rain forest. . Watch the full video on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/ywammadison
  • I have an amazing testimony to share with you all! We have a new brother in Christ!!! HEAVEN IS REJOICING!!! 🎉🎈🎺🎊😄 . We saw Shane while eating our picnic at the park. One of our DTS students had first spotted him 5 days earlier and been praying for him ever since. She grabbed a couple friends and went over to talk with him. Shane opened up almost right away. He shared his life story — past hurts and regrets with his son, ex-wife, and his own life. Alcoholism had ruled his life, he said, and he was in tears over the way his life had turned out. . "I just can't do it anymore," Shane cried. "I can't do it alone. I need God! I want to find God. I want to find God." . We talked and prayed with him for several hours. We told him about a God who never gives up on him and even now is waiting to embrace him and show him a new way to live. . Shane's tears of regret turned to tears of joy as he gave his life to God. "I want to forgive my ex-wife too," he said as he felt God's love fill his heart. "And I really want her to know God too and be forgiven." . We were amazed to see the transformation. Just hours before, Shane's heart was filled with bitterness. But now he was a new man! . Shane said he really wanted to join a local church and get a large print Bible as he's going blind. We're working on finding him both. . Please join us in celebration and also in prayer! Shane is fighting to walk out of alcoholism and suicidal depression. Pray that he would continually be filled with the joy of the Lord, that we would find the right church for his discipleship journey, and that he would be safe as he lives on the street.
  • Zip line through the rainforest on the side of a volcano. Check that one off our bucket list. . Watch the full video on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/ywammadison [link in bio]
  • Tomorrow, the world celebrates Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela, a man who was imprisoned for 27 years for opposing the injustice of the Apartheid government in South Africa, emerged an ambassador of hope, reconciliation and utterly committed to giving his life for others: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” [Nelson Mandela] . Read our blog post "Mandela Day: Make A Difference in the Lives of Others" >> YwamMadison.org/blog [link in bio]
  • We kicked off our Summer Fun Festival with outdoor games and a big ole barbecue! . Watch the full video on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/ywammadison [link in bio]
  • In just a few days, we launch the Stenson family to pioneer a new YWAM ministry in Latvia. Rebeca Stenson reflects on their upcoming journey: . "As we begin the last week living at home here in Madison to be honest it feels a little vulnerable, a little bit raw, we try to hold back the tears 😭 and soak up every minute with our friends. Soon we embark on a new adventure with our lives in 10 suitcases and a whole lot of unknowns ahead of us. In the midst of it all we feel God's faithful embrace and we can hear him cheering us on the sidelines. . "Some times we have not always known how far the little things we do for others touch other people's lives. Being "Glocal" (living with one foot in the nations and the other at home) it can feel at times like it is hard to really make an impact. As we leave our neighbors have come to express their love and appreciation for our family and we are glad they have felt God's love through listening ears and helping hands as well the kid's Joy. This morning our neighbors across the street came with a cake 🍰 for us🙂 We are so blessed by their love for us ! . "As we move to a new community, our desire is to remain Glocal, to give all The Lord has given us at home; out to those in our community, and to the Nations!" . Help launch this new missions venture. Learn more and donate @ Ywammadison.org/stensonfamily/ [link in bio]

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