Emma Green

Before coming to America, I had never heard the name of Jesus. The orphanage I lived in was Islamic, so Christianity was foreign to me.

From time to time, Christian travelers would come through speaking about their faith, so I picked up bits and pieces of what they would share. At the time, I didn’t fully understand what Christianity was, yet I knew I wanted to be adopted by a Christian family.

Kneeling beside my bed one night, I began praying, “If there is a God out there, I really, really want a Christian family so that I can learn more about you.” Shortly after that prayer, I was adopted into an amazing Christian family who live to reflect God’s heart for his children. Because of His love and grace, I have been given opportunities such as Discipleship Training School that have revealed God’s calling for my life.

Throughout DTS, I learned of the many crises and injustices that fill the world we live in. It wasn’t until my outreach to Latvia and Greece that awakened my heart to the reality of human trafficking and at-risk children of dangerous countries. As my eyes were being opened and my heart was shattering, I knew I was being called to the mission field. I knew at that very moment that God was calling my heart to partner with him to bring justice and to fight for those who cannot defend themselves, to love those who have no one to love him or her, and to bring restoration and hope to those without.

Where He leads, I will follow.