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You see things that break your heart — refugees, kids living on the streets, people who’ve never experienced God’s love. You want to change the world. And you know that change begins with you. Come experience our vibrant missions community. Encounter Jesus in deeply personal ways, make incredible friends, and travel to beautiful locations, all while investing in a movement that truly is helping the hurting and the lost.

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Discover your place in the Great Commission and embark on a lifetime adventure with God. YWAM DTS includes specialized training like children at risk, human trafficking, arts, refugee ministry, leadership development and more.
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Experience a university like no other. Powerful lessons in unconventional classrooms. Explore the richness of God’s word and God’s world. Develop your skills and cultivate a lifestyle of learning to change the world. Tell me more…


  • This man lives on the streets in Costa Rica, selling lollipops to make a living, and drinking alcohol out of a soda bottle just to keep going. When Karissa asked if he would like a Bible, he dropped everything and said yes. When she saw him later that day, he was reading his Bible and telling all his homeless friends to read their's too! "I long for your salvation Lord, and Your word is my delight." [Ps 119:174]
  • "I’ve had some really tough things happen in my life and I always believed that God caused them. When I was a teenager, I had a miscarriage. It rocked my world. I was so angry at God for putting me through something so painful. I lived with that anger for several years until..." . Read Abbie's 5 Ways God Turned My Life Upside Down In DTS: YwamMadison.org/blog [Link in bio]
  • We love caring for orphans as though they are our very own children. Our teams become house moms and dads getting the kids ready for school, doing homework with them, telling them bed time stories and tucking them in at night. But one of our greatest joys is throwing them surprise parties like the ones in this video. We have discovered that as we love these kids extravagantly as God has loved us, they grow in generosity & kindness. . Watch the full video on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/ywammadison
  • Our January Spark Arts and Children at Risk DTS graduated today. We were all in tears during their spoken word performance that portrayed the voices of the suffering, the broken hearted missionary, and the compassionate Father. Watch the full performance on our Facebook page: facebook.com/ywammadison [link in bio]
  • Game night and homemade ice cream with our friends, Phos House residents, and DTS students. It's the little things that make life sweet!
  • Our own Kevin just led a 2 hour set at David's Tent DC (24/7 worship & prayer for our nation). Would you join us in praying for revival?
  • Andy Thomas used a giant risk board to demonstrate the military maneuvers and tactical, political and trade motivations of the nations surrounding Israel during the book of Kings. This really brought the story to life for our Bible school students! Learn more: YwamMadison.org/bsn
  • “Look, it’s a rainbow!” Marie said. I didn’t believe her at first -- it hadn’t been raining. But I looked in the direction she pointed and saw she was right. A shimmery rainbow arched over the small French town of St Hippolyte-du Fort. It was like God had painted that rainbow just to encourage our team with the promise that He was with us, even as many... Read this story from our DTS outreach to France >>> YwamMadison.org/blog [link in bio] . . . . . . . #ywam #ywammadison #ywamoutreach #ywammissiontrip #ywamdts #youthwithamission #dts #france #evangelism #prayer #rainbow #hope #encouragement #beauty #Jesus #God
  • Summer means Mission Adventures! Our MA staff are fired up for this summer's teens and youth groups headed to Japan, Nicaragua and Madison. We're signing up teams for the summer of 2018 now. Check out our outreaches to Central America, Asia and the USA or let us customize an outreach to fit your needs to one of YWAM's 1500+ locations in 180+ countries. Learn more: YwamMadison.org/MissionAdventures [link in bio]
  • "A huge grin spread across his face as he gently took the camera from my hands. He pointed it at the storm clouds and snapped a shot. It was just one little picture. But I could tell it was so much more..." Read this story from our DTS outreach team working with orphans in Costa Rica >>> YwamMadison.org/blog [Link in bio] . . . . . . . #ywam #ywammadison #ywamdts #dts #ywamoutreach #ywammissiontrip #missiontrip #outreach #costarica #orphans #childrenatrisk #kids #children #soccer #futbol #football #crafts #arts #crowns #smile #joy #love #God
  • After day full of teachings, worship, gardening and community responsibilities, the only proper way to end #DTSday3 is chocolate chip cookie pie with your new friends!!! . . . . . . . . . . PC @chelstotheworld . #ywam #ywammadison #summerdts2017 #community #communitylife #food #friends #friendship #Christian #dts #ywamdts #missions #missionary #ministry #youthwithamission #teaching #gardening #cookie #cookiedough #pie #chocolatechips
  • Jet lag anyone? Our January DTS teams are back from outreach. Welcome home! We're so proud of you and the way you poured out your hearts in Europe, Central America and Asia these past two months! . . . . . . . . #ywam #ywammadison #outreach #missions #missionary #ministry #orphans #streetkids #childrenatrisk #worship #prayer #evangelism #mission #missiontrip #ywammissiontrip #ywamoutreach #youthwithamission #costarica #jungle #jetlag #romania #france #europe #asia
  • Our summer DTS just kicked off in the heart of downtown Madison. We're so excited to welcome this new batch of world changers! PC @chelstotheworld
  • "Spending a beautiful summer day with my two international friends!! 3 countries represented—Mexico, Malaysia and US —hiking, chatting about the differences in our cultures, watching a wedding take place at the park. It was so fun adventuring with them for their first time at Devil's Lake ❤️❤️🌞🌲🌳" [Abbie doing international friendship ministry]
  • We hit the streets with backpacks loaded with Spanish Bibles slung over our shoulders. The front cover of each book reads a very Costa Rican "Pura Vida". We go out feeling slightly awkward: without much of a plan, we worship sleepily in the middle of the square & then split into groups to give people Bibles, so everyone has the opportunity to read the Word of God for themselves. Our groups walk the crowded streets for less than an hour, handing out a few Bibles & praying for the people we meet. When we join up again at our meeting spot for lunch, we become aware of the desperate hunger that people here have for Jesus & for the Word of God. People begin walking up to us & asking if they can please have a Bible. Homeless people, old people, addicted people, young people, men on break from work. They don't stop coming up to us. Soon, we're pulling our 45th & last Bible out of our packs. While it's being handed out, one student is praying for a guy on the park bench, a couple of us are jamming with a street performer who is slamming on his electric violin, one of us is sitting on the curb with a man who is already opening his Bible & is reading aloud from Luke 7, others are having a conversation with a man they met the other day who sells lollipops. It's so dang cool. By Keisha on DTS outreach to Costa Rica. Join the Adventure>> YwamMadison.org/dts [link in bio]

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